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Offering quality well maintenance in Ellaville

From drilling new wells, to repairing and maintaining old wells, you can rest assured that Hammack Well Inc., is your one stop shop for wells. We have years of experience in drilling down to fresh water for whatever your needs are. We also have endless knowledge on maintaining said wells, so reach out and get a hold of us to see how we can help you take care of your water source.
New installed water bore by Hammack Well Inc

Your new well

Sometimes in life you need a new well. Whether your last one wasn't taken of properly and you need a new one, or you are moving to new property without a well, we are the trusted experts you should be calling. We can determine where to drill a new well as well as handle every part of the process until you have fresh drinking water at your fingertips. Reach out today for all your well drilling needs!

Maintaining your well

As with many utilities at some point your well might need to be serviced. Although traditionally homeowners are responsible for the care and maintenance of the well itself, we do offer services for repairing or replacing damaged pumps, as well as water storage units.

In certain cases we will be able to rehabilitate a damaged well; if we find that the aquifers aren’t producing as much was as they previously were, or that perforations leading to them have become clogged or sealed. In such instances we may deem it possible to go in via chemical or mechanical means to help restore them to their prior functionality.
Drilling for geothermal power system in customer's yard by Hammack Well Inc
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