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At Hammack Well Inc. our goal is to help you gain and maintain independence with your water needs. Whether you’re looking for construction or maintenance, we have the expertise to get the job done without worrying your wallet.
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80 years of jobs well done

Ever since 1932 we’ve been offering our quality service to our customers to southwest Georgians. We believe in building a personal relationship with our customers and treating them like members of our family.

We have over 80 years of satisfied customers, and we’re positive that we will leave you happy with our service.

Our offered services

The primary service we offer to our customers is the maintenance of their wells; this includes managing the filters used, the piping leading to the dwelling, and many other necessary services to keep your well functioning at its best.

The second function we offer is the digging of new wells and installing all the necessary equipment to insure its functioning at a usable capacity.

Owning your own well is a major step towards water independence and may prove an invaluable resource to your family and property. We will do everything possible to help you maintain the independence and continue enjoying your well for years to come.
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